Jeff Adams, CC ’12, Signs With the Cowboys

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Jeff Adams heads to the NFL

Senior Jeff Adams signed a free agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys on Monday and will head to Texas this week to start the Cowboys’ rookie mini-camp. Adams, a sociology major from Western Springs, Illinois, is a three-time All-Ivy League left tackle for Columbia, making him the first Lion since 1996 to earn three consecutive All-Ivy honors. After his final season in 2011, Adams was named a third-team Associated Press All-American. Seven other Lions have signed with NFL teams in the last twenty years, including Craig Hormann from last year’s graduating class and three players in 2005. Congratulations to Jeff and the Columbia football team!

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  1. This week?

    What, not finishing up your degree? We have finals!

  2. Anonymous  

    Wow, congrats to him!

  3. Anonymous  

    rookie mini-camp

  4. Skins Fan

    Congratulations! I'll be rooting against your team in the fall, but well done for this phenomenal accomplishment!

  5. CC '12  

    Congratulations, Jeff! I'm a Dallas native and couldn't be happier to see a fellow Lion join the Cowboys. Good luck, I'll be rooting for you!

  6. Anonymous  

    One of the nicest guys out there - he deserves the best. Congratulations Jeff!

  7. Columbia Sports Fan '11

    THE DREAM IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!
    Let's build on that!!

  8. Anonymous

    Perspective: Jeff and anyone who knows football knows this, you should too:

    Getting an NFL contract is basically the same as getting to the last or second-t0-last round of a job interview. They can cut him at any time for the amount already paid with no additional liabilities, even if he gets hurt or permanently injured. The majority of signees get cut before training camp. All that you get for sure is your signing bonus.

    He's an three time LT, which is good news — left tackle is the most sought-after position in the NFL because it's the most important position on most quarterback's blind side. I know nothing about Lions football, but I'm guessing he was LT because he was the best. Believe it or not, the quarterback is the 6th smartest guy on the field after his offensive line (the safeties on defense are next). Centers and tackles are generally the sharpest — tackles because they have to deal with the most pressure, centers because they have to call blocking assignments for the line with less information than the QB has to call plays with.

    Jeff's a long shot at this point, but by no means out. I fee like he has a good chance and I wish him the best. Every time the Cowboys run for 4 yards or get 2 and a half seconds of time to throw the ball in preseason you can know that everybody on the OL did their job right. Roar, Lion Roar!

    • Anonymous

      coming from someone who knows little to nothing about football:

      Thank you for this post, I feel like I learned more in reading your post than I did in Lit hum.

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