1. Anonymous  

    This doesn't even make sense and the grammar/wording is horrifying. How are they at SIPA?!?!? From this piece of trash I gather that undergrads are using Lehman to...sit and ponder life? Ah, yes, because the unwashed SIPA hipsters at Butler are working on bigger and better projects.

  2. Anonymous  

    Dear SIPA Students,

    You could at least pretend like you're over five years old.


    The Rest of Columbia University

  3. CC '12

    Dear SIPA Students,

    Sorry we're detracting from your networking opportunities, ungraded group projects, or whatever it is you do in grad school. There's all the space in the world in the dank hellpit that is Lehman Library. Sorry if you don't get to plug in your macbook for a little while.

    Grow up,
    The Kiddies

  4. Anonymous  

    Dear everyone,

    Stop being so passive aggressive!

    Señor Hypocrite

  5. Anonymous  

    These disses on SIPA are weak. I for one, think that SIPA has some of the most fine women on campus.

    This is literally all I have to say about this institution or this story.

  6. Anonymous

    Those signatures are hideous.

  7. Anonymous  

    All I have to say is that the SIPA building makes the B school look like a cheap brothel.

  8. Anonymous  


  9. CC'13  

    so the SIPA kids who were arguing about seabiscuit and the hunger games while i was trying to work in the lehman group study space today were...doing what, exactly?

  10. lehman learner  

    the sipa students that are always in lehman are NEVER studying. And they are way noisier than most undergrads in butler.

  11. Anonymous  

    its pretty hard to find a seat in butler right now due to all the unwashed sipa students who sleep there...

    maybe if the grad students used their own libraries we wouldn't have to crowd up theirs "pondering life" and stuff.

  12. Anonymous  

    I didn't know people in SIPA actually did work?? Pretty sure they flee to Le Monde and Community whenever they smell real work to be done

  13. MomIwannagotogradschool  

    Serious question: what exactly can you do with an MPA that you could not do otherwise?

  14. You can do a lot

    with an MPA. Like join the Peace Corps. You can also intern at neat jungles in Africa and explain how banana sustainability eradicates hunger in the Congo. Shit like that.

  15. Roko  

    Nothing's worse than a foreigner with a useless degree...

  16. Anonymous

    Dear SIPA studs, if you're offering sex and alcohol, please leave your number ;)

  17. Anonymous  

    Oh cool! A Bwog post that's basically asking students to piss on each other in the comments. Because that doesn't happen here enough already.

  18. Anonymous  

    As opposed to sitting here commenting on Bwog, why doesn't one of you library hipster undergrads who goes to SIPA or Avery for that matter troll em back?
    Post pics here.

  19. is this a confederacy?  


  20. cu'12  

    really though?????... i wonder if all of the other ivies have this many internal conflicts amongst their multiple colleges and schools... this is really sad... there really is a lack of community at columbia...very embarrassing..and lastly, this could have been written by anyone, not necessarily a sipa student...think about all the 'ghost' writers on bwog who say their from one place (ie harvard, an alumnus, etc.) just to get heard...

  21. CC '11, Grad Student in Intl Development

    This is so patronizing. It's really unsettling to see this level of arrogance coming from SIPA students, who are presumably interested in working in international development or international affairs after they finish their degrees.

    As Dostoevsky once said, it's easy to love humanity but difficult to love your neighbor. Are you going to be working with vulnerable children in developing countries, or providing funding to international education programs, or building the frameworks for a better global order? Maybe start by showing some solidarity and compassion for students in your own university?

  22. CC'13  

    ahahahahaha, that sure is one grumpy SIPA student (or two...)

    I was in lehman may 3rd...pondering life and studying as well! at the same time :) Balance is fun, guys.

    Don't worry, we'll survive the semester, sad SIPAer, and maybe I'll be joining your ranks in a couple years....

  23. Anonymous

    Next time I'm in Lehman I'll make sure to raw dog a grad student while eating a falafel. It's rebellious because I won't brush my teeth afterwards. Won't even pop a Tic-Tac. Boom.

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