Some Of These Things Are Not Like The Others: Rembrandt

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Because there are few hells fresher than trying to memorize 1,000 PowerPoint slides of paintings you swear never even came up in class, we’ll be helping you study for your Art Hum exam this week with a closer look at some of the syllabus. In this next installment of SOTTANLTO Bwog’s Professional Photoshopper/Procrastinator Zach Kagan assures us he’s spent as much (or more) time on the following as Rembrandt did on his original “The Night Watch”see if you can spot the six differences.

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  1. Anonymous

    bwog will do anything for a cheap laugh

  2. Anonymous  

    These posts are bullshit.

  3. in zach's arthum class  

    they didn't help me study, but i'm a fan. also, how did jan six not show up here or on the exam?!

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