Bwoglines: Critical Thinking Edition

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Deep in thought.

NPR’s round-up of college swim tests features Columbians thinking critically about why the tradition is still around. (NPR)

From climbing the wrong trees to crossing the wrong roads, Boulder’s famous falling bear did not make the best life decisions. (MSNBC)

You shouldn’t have to think long about why yesterday was unofficial Star Wars day. (CNN)

A think tank fronting the war on the war on climate change thought it was a great idea to start an ad campaign featuring Charles Manson, Osama Bin Laden and Fidel Castro. They pulled the first ads soon after. (MSNBC, Washington Post)

Not studying a vocation? Columbia professor Andrew Delbanco reassures in a recent NYT investigation: “We don’t want to have a population that has technical competence but is not able to think critically about the issues that face us as a society.” We’ll assume that’s why SEAS has U. Writing. (NYT)

The opposite of going ape via Wikimedia Commons

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