This elk looks a mite freaked out

Insulting our athletic program: something we’ve never seen before, Harvard! Spectrum rebuts. (The Crimson, Spectrum)

Someone is dealing with their finals stress in a more entertaining way, by apparently stealing all the metal objects in the city. (NY Mag)

If you need an even better way to deal this week, Columbia professor Dr. Hilda Hutcherson gives the best advice. Hint: sex! (ABC News)

Have a roommate who doesn’t understand that 16 hours in the ref room means that you really can’t work out today? Or tomorrow? This kid understands your lazy woes, and teaches you how to deal with them creatively. (Buzzfeed)

If you need to take a study break with something that you can actually discuss intelligently: French polls open today, with Sarkozy given a rather dismal 1/6 shot. (The Guardian)

Flipping your antlers via Wikimedia