Senior Wisdom: Alex Frouman

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Name, Hometown, School, Major: Alex Frouman, Larchmont NY, Columbia College, math major, econ concentration

Claim to Fame? I might have been your RA, your TA, or your senator

Where are you going? I’m volunteering at a school for troubled teens this summer and then going to Oxford for an MPhil in economics on a scholarship—i.e. for free.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Just how much smarter other people are than me—especially in the math department, where some of my peers are super geniuses and intellectually way, way out of my league.
  2. Halal cart white sauce is just mayonnaise plus vinegar.
  3. At each successive stage in my life, I’ve stopped caring so much about the things I did in the previous one. I used to think that what I did in high school made me cool and now I could give a shit. I’ve only really found meaning by keeping my sights forward and trying harder and harder to do things right.

“Back in my day…” I thought being a senior would be cool

Justify your existence in 30 words or less: I’ll try…

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? I’m an RA so either way I won, right? I think there are some hyper-risk averse administrators in student affairs (and other offices) who try to solve problems by shutting things down. They don’t really understand students, or they think that saying “I understand students want to get wasted” means they understand. I hope these people can become more understanding and try to remember what it was like when they were students…and yeah we all know it was different then.

Since I am an RA most of my war stories involve someone else as the drunk one…but I got called in when I was seen at 40s on 40. Res programs probably should have done it since one of the grad assistants did see me there and the talk was reasonable. Other than that I’ve been on my best behavior.

But I must disclaim: I speak for myself and not for res programs–not one little bit.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? I’ll defer my answer until I’ve had the second of the two

Advice for the class of 2016:

  • Go to office hours when you don’t have questions, just to talk. My best relationships with professors were made that way.
  • If you’ll be able to teach and not just grade, become a TA. Teaching is the best way to learn, and the job is extremely rewarding.
  • Being an RA can suck because students here sometimes are pretty awful to you, but on the whole it’s an amazing experience and one of the best and most overlooked parts is the staff you’ll work with. I’ve made amazing friendships with my residents and other RAs alike.
  • Play intramural sports.
  • Ask people out/go on dates, they make you feel like a grown up.
  • Major in math, it’ll make you smarter.
  • Be a tour guide if you want some great public speaking experience.

Any regrets? Working too hard, not working hard enough, going out when I shouldn’t have, staying in too much, not making more friends, not spending enough time with the people who really matter…etc

I don’t think there’s one way to do this place right, so I regret not doing all the things I could have. I also can’t change a thing, and probably wouldn’t if I could. I tried my best and that’s all I’d ask of myself or anyone else. I was able to find my way and my happiness at Columbia. I really love it here. Nothing’s fucked dude, nothing is fucked.

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  1. Wow

    What a good looking, humble, smart dude. Where have you been hiding??

  2. Anonymous  

    Man, what a hot, smart man. Don't know you, but you sound like my kinda guy. #ladiesobjectifyingmen

  3. Anonymous  

    classic oral sex/cheese answer.

  4. Anonymous  

    Liar! I've had cheese with this man.

  5. The white sauce is...  

    ...just mayo and vinegar?

  6. i don't get  

    why so much energy is spent anonymously criticizing defenseless targets.

    i remember these comments being generally happier last year. is everyone still butthurt about obama?

  7. Anonymous

    Why does Bwog keep having smart, together people give senior wisdom? What about lazy, stupid, and incompetent people like me?

    Half the people at this school are below average. Why doesn't Bwog interview someone eho i is slack jawed, intellectually incurious, and wasting their life like me?

  8. Anonymous  

    this picture is inaccurate.

  9. Anonymous  

    The third thing he learnt put in the eternal words of Ne-Yo:
    "It's not about what you've done
    It's about what you doing
    It's all about where you going
    No matter where you've been
    Let's go!"

  10. Anon

    Does anyone else just want to attack something every time they hear someone say "could give a shit" or "could care less" when they OBVIOUSLY mean "COULDN'T give a shit/ care less"?? *groannnn*

  11. Halal cart white sauce is just mayonnaise  


  12. 16'er (floor, not year)

    thank you for making your food our names
    thank you for cheese or font
    thank you for being an intelligent, great guy

  13. RR  

    Alex, please, please, please find a grammar mistake in this article and alert bwog about it. :D

  14. Anonymous

    I've had a secret crush on this guy for at least two years. so unbelievably cool/cute/smart. just had to put it out there!

  15. Anonymous  

    alex is the best! gonna miss this guy

  16. Anonymous  

    I'd hit it

  17. Anonymous

    I met Alex last semester before I knew I was *supposed* to dislike him and I thought he was hilarious and pretty awesome. Don't get where all the hate comes from...

  18. Kevin  

    When I first met Alex (or "Frouman," as I've learned to call him now ... or "Frou Frou," but only behind closed doors.) on the CCSC campaign trail, I remember hearing him talk about 5,324,049 things at once and not understanding a word he said or why he cared so much about so many things. Having had the pleasure to get to know him this year, I can safely say that now I understand. Ladies and gentlemen, beware of this lying grinch. Despite the number of DGAF bombs that this man has dropped in his Senior Wisdom, he cares a lot about Columbia. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that he is the Dr. House of the senior class. So TAKE THAT FROUMAN. YOU'VE BEEN REVEALED.

  19. woow

    guy looks so hot until I facebooked him. NVRRRMND

  20. strange  

    maybe cuz ur awful to students....

  21. Anonymous  

    Alex Frouman graduated.
    He scored 256 points.
    He finished 32nd

  22. CC12  

    Relationship gut. At least he's happily in love even if he has put on weight :P

  23. CC12  

    That was in response to the this is an old picture, he has put on weight debate

  24. The first time  

    I met Alex Frouman, we began to talk about the MMA resignation. He told me twice in two minutes that "I didn't understand" anything about the inner workings of the Columbia bureaucracy.

    I haven't liked him since.

    • Anonymous  

      You're better off disliking the administration, not the person who has been one of the strongest student voices in dealings with the administration.

  25. this

    was pretty good...but he talked about being an RA and a TA way too much

  26. CC '12  

    Some of you people are assholes. Leave this guy alone.

    Met Alex my sophomore year covering the University Senate for Spectator, where he was spearheading efforts to push back Fall semester. He had come up with an algorithm, FOR CALENDARING of all things, to prevent us from taking finals up to the 11st hour of the day before Christmas Eve for the next five years. Its pretty characteristic of Alex: foresight, commitment, and putting that brilliant mind to positive use, making this school more conducive to student happiness. Nothing but respect for Alex.

  27. Anonymous  

    i would let him do weird shit to me. anything involving his penis inside my vagina, i will do.

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