How To Spend Your Next Study Break

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Yours, for free. Minus the waffle cone garnish.

Today from 4 ’til 8 pm, watch wide-eyed from your street-facing Nussbaum suite as the kinda shitty weather separates Columbia’s free food warriors from the fair-weather free snackers.

Häägen-Dazs, purveyor of fancy ice cream and even fancier spellings, will be giving out one free scoop/cone to all those who dare brave the wait. It should go without saying, but… we’ll see you in line.




Spoiler alert via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Re: Picture

    Also minus the whipped cream, the sauce, the second scoop of ice cream and the non-disposible glass...

  2. *IMPORTANT!*  

    The man scooping on the left scoops bigger scoops!

  3. Anonymous  

    The made-up phrase “Häagen-Dazs” only has one ‘ä’.

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