A Hard Week’s Night

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PSA: If you’re one of the poor souls still trudging on through the deep abyss of exams, please try to make it to your bed tonight—in part for your mental/physical health, but primarily ’cause Bwog finished last night, and we don’t want to have to post another series of these!

The aftermath of a large-scale zombie attack in Lehman

The opposite of ramped up

Orange you glad it's almost over?

It's 5 o clock in the morning, conversation got boring...

The most efficient way to power nap

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  1. Anonymous  

    C'mon guys. You're not architecture students...

  2. Anonymous

    Give us more candid pics of girls' butts! This is totally appropriate, Bwog!

  3. Anonymous  

    I won't be done till Friday!!! But then I graduate, so it's ok! Maybe.

  4. Anon  

    Anyone who doesn't pull an all-nighter ever night of college is doing it wrong

  5. Wondering  

    Where is that last picture from? Lehman?

  6. BC '12  

    first and last picture: the Barnard library, which is in a building called Lehman. SIPA's library is actually the Lehman library. c'monnnnn Bwog!

  7. Sleeping

    In Beds! It's the wave of the future!

  8. Anonymous  

    Does this last minute cramming actually work?

  9. Anonymous

    still writing this paper... 3.5 hrs past the deadline....

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