Bwoglines: Cash Money Millionaire Edition

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Honestly, the best diet ever.

Yesterday, Columbia issued $100 million worth of 30-year bonds. Apparently the lack of AAA rated investments made our debt a particularly hot commodity. (Bloomberg)

Many of you who have started packing to move out may have realized that you have a ton more shit than they really need, and sometimes your extra crap finds its inglorious end in the trash. Next year, try using some cardboard furniture to cut down on the guilt factor of its yearly disposal. (Apartment Therapy)

The City imposed a record-setting fine on an advertising agency which placed a giant ad on the side of a building in a “historic district.” Watch out projector people. (City Room)

Another diet book suggests that fat is not the enemy; sugar is. Eating bacon might become the next big diet trend. (NY Times)

North Carolina voted yesterday to approve a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. (AP)

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    needs more squirrels

  2. Can we just give NC  

    back to Britain? 100% asshamed

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