Bwoglines: The Final(s) Countdown Edition

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5. Need to defrost your fridge but still want to eat? Try this stylish method of preserving food without refrigeration. (Wired)

4. It’s time to switch to Ibuprofen. A study done at Columbia shows that neither Aspirin nor Warfarin is superior for preventing a combined risk of stoke, death, and cerebral hemorrhaging. (Nurse)

3. Even though there is a larger number of eligible high school graduates, fewer students are applying to the University of California schools due to budget cuts.(LA Times)

2. The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy has come under fire. (Gothamist)

1. Obama has come out of his political closet and publicly announced his support for legalizing same-sex marriage. (Huff Po)

0. Fox puts a freshman on the spot. And like, calls us names and stuff. (Fox Business)

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  1. Spelling  

    The drug is Warfarin, not Warafin.

  2. Actually  

    Bwog, I think you misinterpreted the results of that study. It said aspirin was just as effective as warfarin (a drug that's specifically made to protect against strokes) at protecting against strokes, not that both were really bad at it. The point is that you should be taking aspirin.

  3. ouch

    Did anyone watch the Fox news clip? I feel like that poor kid walked into a firestorm totally unprepared.

    • Anonymous  

      Yeah, that was pretty unpleasant. I wonder if that commentator imagined, way back when he was a college freshman, that at the age of 60 he'd be harassing 18-year-olds about class insecurity on national television? I wonder what path you have to go down to end up there?

    • Anonymous  

      The student handled himself with far more grace than anyone else on the program. Good for him.

      I haven't read his article, but I got the impression from the clip that the implication was that the majority of people here are wealthy. Maybe that was Fox's doing, and not something in the original piece, but that hasn't been my experience. It certainly doesn't apply to me or the majority of my friends.

  4. Anonymous  

    Also the whole Fox News meme of Columbia student = radical leftist needs to die.

  5. Scrooge McDuck  

    Here's a link to the article he wrote:

    Honestly, although he makes some sweeping generalizations, it seems pretty reasonable to me. If "liberal guilt" means wanting to take advantage of the financial and educational opportunities you've been given to try and help others, I suppose I'm guilty. Clearly, Fox got some half-baked partisan takeaway from it where none was intended. But then again, that's what they do best.

  6. Anonymous

    You all need to read the origin post made by the kid on bwog! It's nothin like the ridiculous crap fox made it sound like. It's insightful, and iafter reading you can tell fox literally took one sentence from the entire article and warped it for the purposes of their political agenda.

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