You Can’t Rain On CC’s Parade

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Despite what began as a light drizzle but soon became a torrential downpour, the 2012 graduating class of Columbia College made it up to the South Lawn stage—and on to the real world—this morning. There’s got to be a metaphor in there, somewhere.

Words of wisdom and congratulations were bestowed upon the baby blue-swathed grads by John “Rick” MacArthur, CC ’78—who did not clarify the whole Rick/John thing—as well as Deantini, PrezBo, several classmates, and KevSho.

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  1. alum

    Does Columbia ever have good weather for graduation?

  2. More like...  

    John "Dick" MacArthur -- shameless plug for Harper's work and not one kernel of wisdom. Most interesting part was a quote from Edward Said, but I wonder if he is rolling in his grave in response.

  3. CC '12  

    John MacArthur and Zach Levine's speeches were amazing - so Columbia

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