Commencement 2012 Comes To A Conclusion

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Today was the first day of the rest of your lives, or so we hear. For your own records, enjoy this photographic evidence that you did in fact put on the robes and get the degrees. Also, you can watch all 167 minutes here.

Send your own photos to, and we will add them!

Choice Quotes from PrezBo and the Deans

  • “It’s a well-known fact that the smarter you are, the more you procrastinate.” – PrezBo
  • “Standing before you in sections eight and nine, which must be an indexing error because Columbia College students only sit in section one…” – Deantini
  • “If you ask me what makes Columbia great, I have a very, very long list.” – PrezBo
  • “Under the watchful eye of Nike, with the leadership of Athena, in the splendor of the Diana, and with the wisdom that comes from at least nine ways of knowing…” – DSpar
  • “I’ll wait for another day to make the case that Columbia is now the greatest university in the world.” – PrezBo
  • “[GS grads] are deeply indebted to the Columbia faculty, and to their banks, for this superb education.” – Dean Awn
  • “You, the class of 2012, are the most intelligent and attractive graduation class we have ever seen. Definitely the most attractive, in any event.” – PrezBo

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  1. hi

    “[GS grads] are deeply indebted to the Columbia faculty, and to their banks, for this superb education.”

    "and to their banks"

    - shut the fuck up. not funny. there are some things you can see humor in. some other things, are never to be joked about. like lung cancer. and the ridiculous GS debt.

  2. Anonymous

    Shit, of this video's 167 minutes, 78 are just people walking to their seats.

  3. Anonymous  

    You know what's a fun game to play? Name That Regalia! Try to guess the respective schools by looking at the robes of each professor, and then try to guess the discipline in which they attained their doctorate.

    Additionally, you make this into a drinking game. It seems that there are a lot of MIT professors, so engineering graduates appear to have an easy way to get plastered, lol. Or, you can do Harvard, since they're really easy to pick out.

  4. ...  

    afterwards my friend described it as something like a gigantic dysfunctional family at a holiday dinner.

  5. regalia question

    so i know what the OMA graduation cords look like--what are the green ropes and the yellow ropes and the circular pins that some people have?

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