Taxis To Potentially Tax Your Wallet/Plans Even More

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Give us your tired, but not your poor...

Just in time for that part of the year during which we’ll all adamantly swear we’re going to leave 1020 and go downtown tonight, for real, the NYT is reporting that the Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal to raise taxi fares as much as 20 percent. To put this into perspective, if passed, they’re speculating that your once-$20 fare to the L.E.S. would become, like, $24 as soon as mid-July.

On when we’ll know whether or not this is a thing, says the NYT:

“The city has scheduled a public hearing on the matter for May 31, when the commission is expected to consider an increase of 16 percent to 20 percent. Such hearings are almost never arranged unless a fare increase is under serious consideration.”

Better not take any chances—see you guys tonight for darts?

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  1. Anonymous

    Use the subway?

  2. Anonymous

    im gonna be a senior, i cant stop reading bwog, what will happen when i graduate?!??!?!??!?!?!?

    plus, im most likely not even staying in the city. WAAAH.

  3. alum

    harder to kick the habit then you think.

    stopped reading spec a long time ago, but this place is too fun.

  4. This is real

    "First World Problems".

  5. not to sound prude...

    but the TLC (Taxi & Limousine Commission) is one entity- so it's "is considering", not "are considering" in the link you guys provided.

  6. Why do libertarians

    always take the subway?

    They don't like to pay taxis!

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for explaining the concept of 20% for us.

  8. Anonymous

    Good... should make getting a cab easier. I'd support 50% or more if it meant I never have to wait. Unintended consequences, probably... Cabs are going to be cutting each other off more due to less customers and crashing more often, but it might also clear up the streets from too too much cab congestion so you might get there 20% faster anyways. But the Reality is people will stay pay, citizens get poorer and some union bosses get their house in the hamptons

  9. Sherlock Holmes

    My deductive skills lead me to believe that you have a rather large excess of disposable income, my good sir.

  10. Le Libertarian

    As one commenter posted in the article: why not let market forces determine the price? If it's raining and you really need a cab, the prices will rise. If it's sunny, more people will walk, demand will decrease, and the prices will go down.

  11. Anonymous

    where is that youtube video?

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