Such Great Heights

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What a Heights marg might look like if you were already wearing drunk goggles...

Graduation may be over for this year, but there are still some honors left to be given!

Our very own The Heights, home of the infamous $5 marg, earned a spot on Gothamist’s “7 Best Rooftop Bars in NYC.” While we’re not exactly sure how—other list-toppers (like Le Bain) are swankier—we’ll drink to it.






How it looks to Dine Above It All via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    used to be $4 =(

  2. Anonymous

    How = because the author of the article is a Columbia grad.

    • Wrong

      After some careful internet stalking, it seems the author, Garth Johnston, went to UChicago, not Columbia. However, the two founders of the Gothamist are both Columbia grads, which may explain the bias!

  3. Anonymous

    I never thought of it as a rooftop bar, but now that you mention it, it is pretty great!

  4. Anonymous

    Or for underclassmen, the best staircase to stand in nervously while someone checks if they're carding.

  5. Anonymous

    Le Bain roofies your drinks. Beware.

  6. sm0k3

    le bain: paludal bourgeois lifestyle center, perfect for $15 cocktails and shitty vocal house (with a nice view and a hot tub to bood)

  7. Anonymous

    i miss columbia

  8. stop

    youre making my heart hurt

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