1. Anonymous

    does justin bieber really wear shit like that?

  2. Anonymous

    lol at the tag.

  3. Anonymous

    finally a win for Columbia Football! jkjk lemme stop..

  4. Refined Asian Gentleman  

    – On Ambition, Cigars, and Women: The Finer Things in Life. A Conversation with a Refined Asian Gentleman –

    Dear Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of Elite Target Institutions:

    I am writing to let you know that I have determined the finest things in life to be (in no particular order):
    - beautiful and smart white women with big round eyes and porcelain skin
    - cuban cigars
    - summer vacations “out east” in the hamptons and martha’s vineyard
    - Chteau Margaux fine wine
    - a fine, liberal arts education
    - engineering competence (for well rounded-ism)
    - white women
    - academic prestige and excellency (e.g., columbia, princeton, yale)
    - Polo (not the clothing)
    - yacht racing
    - sustained financial success in your proven field (banking, law, medicine, academia, research, etc…)
    - white women
    - an appreciation for classical music
    - an appreciation for other forms of cultural and artistic expression (raps about social issues, rock music with political fervor, etc…)

    It is my sincere wish that my fellow Ivy League gunners and social entrepreneurs strive for the above-stated goals of excellency, ambition, and self-advancement.

    Let us all become better, harder-working, and more refined gentlewomen and gentlemen of this fine institution and nation.

    A Refined Asian Guy Class of 2012

    • Anonymous  


    • Anonymous

      I hate to break it to you…

      You’ll never be a “gentleman:” you haven’t the birthright or the breeding. You’re little more than a boring parvenu dropping what you think are upper-class cultural references in an attempt to hide your Asiatic roots and status anxiety.

      My guess is that you’ll end up in finance as the butt of jokes in the office and known as the guy who turns bright red and awkwardly hits on women who want nothing to do with him at FiDi bars and the occasional charity event.

      Please get over yourself.

      • Anonymous  

        ~っ◕ ‿ ◕~っ

      • Excuse me?

        Asiatic roots = classlessness? Please get over yourself, hate to break it to you.

        Imperialism brutality vanity pandering brooding ignorant crudeness glibness frailty cowardice obsession imbalance.

        Is this European nobility? Refinement and classes are merely an illusion to hide inbreeding and selfishness. Nothing ingenuous or good or real has ever come from breeding. And who are you to judge whether your birthright is truly special anyways. Entitlement never bought anyone anything but welfare checks and exile.

        And Asiatic people had their own empires as well and their own ideas of centrism and refinement. Have you, refined asian guy, learned of them yourself, you sheltered single minded nut brain?

      • Anonymous

        Stop feeding the trolls.

      • Anonymous  

        Way to cut and paste my response to this dickhead's reply on another post, jackass.

        Actually, I'm rather flattered.

    • Anonymous

      you, sir, are a satirist of the highest caliber. hats of to you.

  5. Confused

    That can't be a real Columbia athlete, where are the sweatpants?

  6. Van Owen

    Aren't Asian men pedophiles? I thought they only liked 5-10 year old Cambodian boys and girls?

    • on the contrary

      i believe you are referring to Thailand's international tourism economy, supported mostly by American white men (who are rich enough to afford the $4000 trip [ plane ticket and hotel room and more]) who travel there strictly to have intercourse with girls below 12 years of age.

      Most asians in those impoverished countries are too poor to afford young girls anyways. And for the ones who are wealthy enough in places like China -- prostitution and pimping is punishable by death as a matter of fact.

      - White guy who has done research into those places as part of his senior thesis.

  7. Anonymous

    way to be original. that comment is all over youtube

  8. Anonymous

    Is the Biebs really in the class of 2016???

  9. omgomgomg  

    those pants!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    What's a Columbia athlete doing in Japan?

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