GS Student Could Be Regis For A Day

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GS student/surfer/model/philanthropist Will Tant will compete with four other finalists beginning today to guest host an episode of “Live With Kelly Ripa.” Each day this week, one of the contestants will be eliminated until only the winner remains. If Will scores the host spot, he’ll get to appear alongside guest Will Ferrell on July 24, which happens to also be (cue “Awww” moment) his mother’s birthday.

Click here to vote for Will.

Predictably, we will now take the opportunity to embed a Will Ferrell clip:

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  1. Anonymous

    natural blonde white girls are so abundant, yet so elusive. what is the best way to master the human mating ritual (without depleting my financial reserves in the process)?

  2. Reni Benson

    Will and I share the same birthday! Today!!!! Yay July 16!

  3. CC'14  

    Awesome. Good luck, Will!

  4. oh my,

    that is a beautiful man.

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