Are You There, Olympics? It’s Me, Columbia.

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HAVEN'T BEEN THIS EXCITED SINCE THE LAST LOTR MOVIEWhile we’ve come to realize that Columbians may not be the most athletically inclined people, no one can deny that the Olympics are something that the whole world can come together for (mainly because they’re on TV).  This year, at least 10 former and current Columbia students and coaches will be competing.  Check out who’ll be nimble/quick, and when it will air*, so you can finally have that light-blue themed tailgate and BBQ you’ve always dreamed of. On your couch.

Women’s Fencing: Nzingha Prescod, CC ’15, and Nicole Ross, CC ’12, will be fencing in team and individual foil.
Individual: Saturday, July 28; airing 9-9:30am, 4:30-5pm (finals)
Team: Thursday, August 2

Lightweight Rowing: Nick LaCava, CC ’09, will be rowing in the lightweight men’s four without coxswain (we have no idea either). He’s also a chocolate entrepreneur.
Heats: Saturday, July 28; airing 2:30-3pm
Finals: Sunday, July 29; airing Thursday, August 2, 2:20-3pm

Men’s Fencing: James Williams, CC ’07, and Jeff Spear, CC ’10, will be fencing in team and individual sabre.
Individual Sabre: Sunday, July 29
Team Sabre:
Friday, August 3
Sherif Farrag, CC’09, will be fencing foil for Egypt.
Individual Foil: Tuesday, July 31
Team Foil:
 Sunday, August 5

Field Hockey: Caroline Nichols, Columbia field hockey assistant coach, will be competing as a defender on the field hockey team.
USA v. Germany: Sunday, July 29; airing 4:15-6pm (live)
USA v. Argentina: Tuesday, July 31; airing 2-3:30pm (live) – Update: US won 1-0!
USA v. Australia: Thursday, August 2; airing 5:45-7:15am (live)
USA v. New Zealand: Saturday, August 4; airing 2-3:30pm (live)
USA v. South Africa: Monday, August 6; airing 5:45-7:15am (live)
Semifinal: Wednesday, August 8; airing 2:15-3pm
Bronze-medal Match: Friday, August 10; airing 2-3:30pm

Women’s Marathon: Lisa Stublic, CC ’06, will be running for Croatia.
Marathon: Sunday, August 5; airing 6-9am (live)

Men’s 400 Meters: Erison Hurtault, CC ’07, will be running for Dominica.
Round 1: Saturday, August 4; airing 11:15-11:45am
Semifinals: Sunday, August 5
Finals: Monday, August 6; airing 8pm-midnight

Men’s Modern Pentathlon: Michael Aufrichtig, Columbia head fencing coach, will be coaching the fencing portion of the pentathlon (horseback riding, fencing, swimming, rifle, and running).
Pentathlon: Saturday, August 11

P.S. Columbia Athletics is doing a cute feature on the Olympics.  Enjoy!

Good luck to all, continue to make our community proud!

*all times based on NBC New York

Glorious rings via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    Not good enough to compete for the USA --> compete for some country you don't live in

  2. Anonymous

    good job bwog

  3. CC'11

    Let's go, Columbians!

  4. Anonymous

    I think there are a total of twelve current and former students competing in the Olympics.

  5. Anonymous

    mention semiotics -> jump off bridge

  6. Anonymous

    insulting any olympic athlete for not being good enough is just funny

  7. Anonymous

    also, we are second in the ivy league, to princeton, with how many athletes and coaches we're sending

  8. CC '13

    "Your student status is inactive. Please contact your Student Affairs office."

    Is anyone else getting this message on SSOL? What does it mean?

  9. Anonymous

    So not only was he the fcking salutatorian of Columbia but he's also an olympic fencer in his spare time!? And if that weren't enough, his name is Jeff SPEAR? You've got to be kidding me.

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