Deantini To Get A Marinaccio Cherry Garnish

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Deantini and Dean Marinaccio at a staff meeting (metaphorically)

Update, 8/15 1:30 pm: Deantini has emailed us back to explain why he decided to move Financial Aid and Admissions out of the Division of Student Affairs:

I wanted Admissions and Financial Aid reporting directly to me. Whom we admit to the College is the most important thing we do. And financial aid is equally important when it comes to building a student body. The Dean of the College should take direct responsibility for our admissions and financial aid policies and their implementation. Dean Goldfarb, I am sure, feels the same about SEAS.

Undergrad Admissions and Financial Aid are being rolled into one branch that will report directly to the offices of Deantini and Goldean from this point forward, reports Spec. Jessica Marinaccio, whose almighty Dean of Undergrad Admissions sig has graced acceptance letters since 2004, will now act as Dean of this combined FinAid/Admissions for CC and SEAS.

Spec adds that each enterprise will continue to have a separate staff underneath Marinaccio, and that both teams will be expanded.

The news doesn’t come as a complete shock; in mid-July, Deantini told Spec that one of his first orders of business as Dean Proper would be to move the financial aid and admissions offices out from under Division of Student Affairs, into his jurisdiction. Earlier this summer, former Dean of FinAid Laurie Schaffler resigned.

More notably, this appears to decentralize some power, moving control from the administration to the College. We last heard that Deantini supported moving College Fin Aid from A&S to the Provost —not to his (and Goldean’s) own offices. We’ll keep you posted as we poke around and find out more.

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  1. ok

    now explain this to me like I'm five.

  2. Anonymous

    why don't you just post the title and a link to the spec article? it would have basically the same effect

  3. Some of the women in Columbia admin

    are just so damn fine.

  4. Anonymous

    Moving admissions and financial aid to report to CC and SEAS is actually more centralizing than decentralizing, since it brings it directly to the deans instead of making them report to Kevin Shollenberger, who reports to the deans.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, not sure what gave Bwog the idea that Student Affairs falls under "the administration" rather than "the College."

    • Disagree  

      Student Affairs isn't just under the College; it's also under Arts & Sciences, which is right under the central administration. Remember that" rel="nofollow">Shollenberger has a triple report: he reports to Deantini and Goldean, but he ALSO reports to Nick Dirks, head of Arts & Sciences, who reports right to the Provost and Prezbo.

      Moving FA & Admissions into the College/SEAS administrations may centralize them under Deantini and Goldean, but it takes them away from Arts & Sciences and the central administration. Right?

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