Prohibition Ends at Last!

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Bwog has heard from COÖP folks that freshman dorms will have the, “same expectation for Carman as McBain in terms of responsibility.” In other words: drink to your heart’s content, but remember to stay off the lawns.

Cristen Kromm, Assitant Dean of Residential Programs, relayed the new policy to the outdoors-oriented student leaders as they prepared to head into the woods. Generally, the University’s policies will be guided by a principle of “harm reduction.” The Guide to Living has been updated.

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  1. Curious Moonshiner

    Is this also new to the Guide to Living?
    "Alcohol that is not specifically manufactured for human consumption is prohibited."
    And does that mean I need to shut down my wood alcohol still?

  2. RA  

    Jumping in a little too soon. Our application of the GTL is the same.

    Alcohol will be poured out just as it used to be. Save yourself some money freshmen!

  3. that one perv

    fap fap fap

  4. John Lennon

    So the war (on fun) is over?

    • Former RA

      The war on fun never existed at an administrative level. It was always the specific RAs not getting drunk/laid enough to mellow out about this stuff.
      So, the war on fun will exist as long as you're having more fun than RAs.
      Words of advice, be nice! Make friends with them! Invite them out! (your RAs) They will be infinitely more lenient if you're lovely to them as you should be to all people.

      Yeah, go ahead and track me, I commented above. I was a former RA in Carman.

      • Anonymous

        No one gives a shit, and way to throw your co-workers under the bus for no reason. You graduated, no one at this school cares about you. Also, some people actually care about their job. Sounds like a RA spot was wasted on you.

  5. baby pyenis

    that's one small schlong

  6. Anonymous  

    you can't drink that stuff anyways, it's denatured. but go ahead if you want to go blind.

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