Package Center Gets an Upgrade

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These “kiosks,” soon to be installed at strategic locations throughout Lerner, were spotted in the package center yesterday. With input from package kiosks, the package center will learn of a student’s impending arrival through a mounted screen similar to the kind used to organize orders at McDonalds, and the student’s package(s) will be available for convenient (and queue-less) pick up.


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  1. Anonymous

    it's about time. but when will the library get a self-checkout machine??

  2. Ice Cube  

    There needs to be a "Check Yo Self" station.

  3. Katie Jones

    Wow it definitely looks more modernized.

  4. Anonymous

    praise the lawd!

  5. it's time

    to go back to school when i check bwog 3 times a day.

  6. Beyoncé

    Lemme lemme upgrade ya.

  7. thank god

    i'm gonna need this with the 400 packages that'll be waiting for me after labor day

  8. Anonymous

    But they still won't report it delivered until two weeks after it gets there.

  9. Anonymous

    This should speed things up a bit, and that can only be good :D Incidentally, our group suggested this exact improvement in our analysis of the package center for our Simulation class, though our report probably never made its way to the managers of the place anyway.

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