Shooting Near Empire State Building

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Just after 9 this morning a man fired shots around the Empire State Building.  There is no connection to terrorism; the gunman is said to have been an employee at a Midtown store.  He returned to the store at 10 W 33rd Street and shot and killed his manager before firing on the street.  The gunman was shot and killed by NYPD, 9 people were injured.  Mayor Bloomberg just arrived on the scene and a press conference is scheduled for 11 am.

5th Avenue is now closed from 23rd-42nd Street; 34th street is closed from Park to 6th Avenue.  There are bus delays on the M1, M2, M3, M4, M34, and Q32 lines.  Plan accordingly.

Update, 2:35 pm: Tipster Sarba B sends the following photo from the scene.



  1. Anonymous

    You're not the NY Times, Bwog. Don't even bother.

    / "Breaking news" that's 2 hours late.

  2. Anonymous

    wow, maybe people will finally realize that gun control doesn't work.

  3. Just in time

    for NSOP. Cue nervous parents.

    • Somewhat relevant  

      I always imagine that the parents of the class of '05 must have flipped their shit when 9/11 happened. It would be interesting if Bwog did an article on how the university responded to 9/11 with stuff like transfer rates and whatnot.

  4. horrible tragedy

    i heard one of them was a columbia finance-related alum, probably 1-3 years out.

  5. Anonymous

    Not to be insensitive, but why is this national news? My parents in FL called because that's all the news channels were playing all morning.

  6. Anonymous

    don't worry folks! Columbia is the second safest precinct in new york. Second only to Central Park (which has no residents so that's cheating). But seriously, this is a real stat.

  7. Anonymous

    I think there are more people killed near Columbia in the Harlem than near Empire State Building. Why making such a big deal?

  8. Anonymous

    "One law enforcement official said that based on the preliminary investigation, it appears that most or all of the bystanders were struck by one of the 16 police bullets – or fragments or ricochets from those rounds – that were fired by the two officers who confronted Mr. Johnson."

    Great job, NYPD!

  9. Anonymous

    I have no desire to even watch the video of the shooting....

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