Houses And Homes: Maryland

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Bwog wants to know what your living space was like this past summer. Were you back home? Staying in New York? Did you find yourself (abroad)? Send us a photo of your view or room before you move out, along with a brief description of where you were to Tipster Jimi B. shares his view below…

Where: Backyards on a frikkin’ long alley in Baltimore, Maryland


Sound: Kids shouting, Prince, and a basketball bouncing on pavement. And cicadas. Lots of them.

Smell: Summery dust. Possibly some burnt rubber.

Taste: A subtle but persistent earthiness on the palate from the cigar smoked last night; disgustingly bitter taunts of the tepid coffee I’m drinking right now.

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  1. Bwog!

    the NSOP guidebook is up, where is your snarky commentary?

  2. shudipto

    bodymore, murdaland. 245 ain't futtin to nuck wit

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