President Obama is a Redditor

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proof that he's just like us

Temporarily, at least. The leader of the free world is currently fielding questions on in what is called an AMA (ask me anything) post. He may not be the first Columbia grad to host an AMA, but he the first scorned-alum-turned-President that Bwog’s fact checkers can find.

Youth vote, check.

UPDATE 1: Looks like all of Bwog’s traffic crashed Reddit. Or something like that.

UPDATE 2: The Atlantic has compiled questions and Obama’s answers.

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  1. Anonymous

    aaaaand it's in read-only mode. only took 25 minutes.

  2. Anonymous

    cool in theory, but format really reveals how little politicians are allowed to say these days. Look at the questions he answered! all lowballs (what's the first thing you're going to do when you get reelected?). It reads like a half-finished college application.

  3. I wonder if...

    ...anyone told Barry about r/spacedicks?

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