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Congratulations sweet ’16ers, you’ve officially sat through your first day of Columbia classes (unless you wisely downloaded the Frontiers lecture podcast). Now that you’ve settled in some, it’s time to introduce you to Columbia’s VIPs—the sooner you get these down, the better, so you don’t embarrass yourself by forgetting to return Sir Mike’s fist-bump…

Leave suggestions in the comments of people we missed who should be profiled!

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  1. we must take a  

    moment of silence for Amy formerly of Hamdel.

  2. Alum

    Pascale is the best, but only by a hair over Wilma. I remember one time seeing her on the subway on 96th Street. It was a while after I graduated and long since I had my last omlet at John Jay. We both had that mutual, I know you but from where look, at least for half a second, until we recognized each other. Before you tell me "how could you not recognize Wilma" she looks quite different in street clothes.

  3. barnard quad 4lyfe  

    Um, why hasn't bwog gotten to Rudy yet?

  4. Hey!

    It's cool to see some of the nice folks on campus getting a shout-out! How about adding some work-study guys/girls? The swipers and DFC kids and so on?

    Some of them can make your day, too!

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