Bwoglines: Overscrutinizing Edition

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Leader of the economy

Certain people are insecure and can’t handle when someone is more awesome than them, so they’re accusing Michelle Obama of faking a stutter during her winning DNC speech. Haters gonna hate, but Michelle will just keep raising those ridiculously defined arms. Also, Bill Clinton spoke. People got really excited. (Gawker, Washington Post)

Despite the fact that he hated New York, Frank Lloyd Wright’s vast archives will be split between MoMA and Columbia, with Avery taking all the paper materials. Get ready for even more competitive seating. (MediaBistro)

Kim Kardashian has things to say about the economy. We are so proud of you, Kim baby. (It’s just as bad as you’re thinking, by the way.) (CNBC)

And you thought your CC section was terrifyingly small…. (WSJ)

Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out! Go drink plastic cups of cheap champage and marvel at how all the designer clothes are exactly the same price as they were yesterday. (NYT)

The new face of business advice via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Anonymous  

    That Gawker article is ridiculous. The author ONLY NOW realized that politics is primarily showmanship?

  2. no Kim fan but...

    she actually answered the question and not that badly. not the most eloquent person but if you know about retail and the terms she was using she actually made sense

  3. katie Jones

    These are interesting answers these people gave.

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