Bwoglines: Busted Dreams Edition

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Maybe Mitt Romney should just give up now, because apparently the odds of him becoming president are a wee bit slim. (NYMag)

A former Croatian tennis star was forced to give up his net dreams due to injuries, but hey, he’s now a student at Columbia Law School. (NYTimes)

Is hookup culture a sign that young people have given up on true love? Not really; it’s actually a sign of female empowerment. Or something. (The Atlantic)

This year is obviously going to be the end of the world, with further evidence provided by the split of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. (Gawker)

On a more serious note, Ray Kelly confirmed that the NYPD accidentally shot a bodega worker while investigating a robbery. (Gothamist)

And because the news isn’t terribly uplifting today, we’ve posted below a lovely illustration submitted by Bwog’s own Angel Jiang. (It’s kinda like this.)


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  1. I don't  

    understand the map. I really want to understand the map.

    Why are Frontiers and Lithum at the south end of Central Park? Why do certain distances contract, leaving Westside and Trader Joe's contiguous to 96th street station? Why are other realities of the Columbia campus ignored? How can some basic facts be adhered to, and others go out the window?

    Why does my world correspond more closely to this map than any other?

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