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Nary a week ago, a Bwogger was sitting in a lecture hall, idly taking notes while browsing Reddit. It was the early afternoon, and most students were beginning to get restless as their 75-minute sentence approached its end. And that’s when it happened. “…which admittedly would never happen here in MoHi…” uttered the previously-respected professor.

And with that, a chill swept through the room. Several people shuddered. The Facebook chatters stopped Facebook chatting. That shifty kid watching porn in the back almost looked up, but didn’t. And your unnerved Bwogger jotted down “MoHi… REALLY!?” in his lecture notes. For nothing else that could have been said in that lecture mattered now.

In light of this incident, Bwog embarked on a super serious quest to try and determine which abbreviations that can be heard and/or seen around campus are the most intolerable. As usual, we used lots of science, which means we got together in a room and tried to talk louder than each other because that’s how we rank opinions. Here’s our list; leave your own in the comments!

  • MoHi (also MoHe), for Morningside Heights
  • MoWi, for Morton Williams
  • FroSci, for Frontiers of Science
  • The Jay, for John Jay Hall
  • Lit Hume, for, well, Lit Hum
  • ‘Net, for Koronet
  • Ham, for Hamilton Hall

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  1. anon  

    FroYo for frozen yogurt

  2. Sorry....  

    But from reading the Class of 2016's posts from Facebook, the 2015'ers renaming of "Frontiers" to "FroSci" has been passed on.

  3. MoWi is stupid

    But MoWilly's is the way to go.

  4. Anonymous  

    Morty Bills - Morton

    The DR - Duane Reed

  5. Anonymous  

    Henelaos when referring to Helen and Menelaos as a couple. Although the professor that gave me that one was/is awesome, so I stand by it.

    Also, you got the tag wrong. It's supposed to be: "you shut your mouth when you're talking to me."

  6. Anonymous  

    Starbs for Starbucks

  7. Anonymous

    GoCo for

  8. The Dark Hand  

    'Spec' or any variation thereof makes me break out in hives.

  9. Anonymous  

    At first I didn't read the article, I just saw "FroSci" and started writing an angry comment about how it needs to go.

    So yeah, let's all burn "FroSci" with fire?

  10. Yeah, but you're Bwog...  

    so everything irks you.

  11. Anonymous  

    Some of the freshmen are starting to call CC "CoCo".

  12. cant believe it  

    lately been hearing spanish harlem being called SpaHa...

  13. Anonymous  

    Not columbia specific but FiDi for the financial district is just the worst.

  14. Anonymous

    I'm saying this because I want to get this abbreviation out in the world, not because it irks me: "the Schap" for Schapiro.

  15. "The Butt"

    As in, "Last night I studied in The Butt until 6am" followed by a vaguely disturbing, sleep-deprived cackle

  16. 2008

    Never heard "FroSci" from 2004-2008. Don't put that on class of 2008. Started after.

  17. ^

    2008, congrats on graduating and I know you miss college already and stuff, but don't you think when you graduated before the seniors were freshmen maybe you should starting thinking about reading a real blog?

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