Bwoglines: Strange Creatures Edition

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An image from fashion week

Politicians, long known for bizarre cultural practices, are once again trying to convince voters that they’re human– or at least more so than the other guy. (WaPo, Buzzfeed)

This week Lincoln Center is swarming with people that Bwog assumes are dressed for some sort of elaborate mating ritual. (NYMag)

In addition to throwing and kicking things, football players are increasingly stating their support for gay marriage. (Buzzfeed, NYT)

Denizens of Apple apparently work best in dorm-like environments, down to the obligatory Fight Club reference. (Slate)

Fall Collections via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Wait. It's a Bwoglines called "Strange Creatures Edition" and you're just going to ignore the article about the crazy impostor student that Spec published last night? I get that hating on Spec is part of your shtick, but come on. Be more insecure.

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