1. The Dark Hand  

    Pfffft....why go to this? Everyone knows the reason for suffering in the world is the Columbia Spectator.

  2. GS '14

    I wish I knew when things happened before they happened. Like a wizard... or informed member of the student body. Yeah, like a wizard...

  3. Joe Hides Prometheus  

    Honestly, this was crap. I attended because I held some crazy notion that this wouldn't be like every other Jesus Meetn' I experienced back home. It was exactly the same! Everything he said was targeted at atheists, even though this was supposed to be a forum where "different worldviews could come together and grow with one another." Nope. Just like always, the only growth that these people were concerned with was the growth of Christianity.

    Ironically, God was definitely involved in my suffering tonight.

  4. The Truth

    It was Philip Seymour Hoffman doing a live-performance of THE MASTER.

  5. Optional

    Religious broadcasting on our campus. Such a shame.

  6. This was horrible  

    The speech should have been titled "well...atheists don't have an answer either"

  7. Anonymous

    There is suffering in the world because HamDel closes Sunday nights.

  8. obvi

    There is suffering because humans are animals concerned with their own self-preservation, and in doing so, we step over others to get what we need for ourselves, first.

    Any answer longer than that is a waste of breath.

  9. Sirjohnabraham777

    The language should have been posh “well…atheists don’t have an answer either”

  10. Anonymous

    There is suffering because there is desire.

    I picked that up from Professor Thurman.

  11. random  

    It was a deeply beautiful, moving speech, as opposed to the regular religious bashing that goes on campus. Don't believe people bash religion, see above.
    I almost left this campus when I put up a cross in my room
    My roommate: Are you religious? What? Is it cultural?
    Is it so impossible to believe that many people come to religion after a deep and significant struggle instead of just believing it because everyone told them to?

    • totes  

      You know, I admit he did make me think. But he did not engage with the other arguments like he claimed. His understanding of Nietzsche was as amateur as a freshman who just read the cliff notes. "Will to power" was a book his sister pasted together in his last years of mental and physical breakdown in order to impress the Nazis. He used that phrase without qualifying it in the wrong context as though he thought that was Nietzsche's most important thought. He also conflated Geneology of morals and Antichrist, and failed to understand the polemical nature of Nietzsche's main argument by repeating it back, however crudely, as if it was made straightfaced. In short, he proved Nietzsche right about Christians, they are threatening to destroy that wise old comic poet inside all of us. I pity the man, but he did survive a near-death experience. I can't blame him for the delusion that this is his calling. I blame the organizers. Get a better hobby. Like reading the texts that he cited to straw man the atheists. You can have a cross in your room, but don't make it your cross to bear and never grow intellectually or you will end up like him, dying in relative obscurity with nothing but a giant pompous ego and a false sense oh self certainty deriving from said pompous ego, which after all says nothing but I don't want to die. Hence the invention of the after life.

  12. Van Owen

    The speech was gay.

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