Overheard: Learning to Multitask

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But what about those language requirements?

A tipster overheard this not-sure-if-endearingly-cute-or-just-outright-creepy exchange outside the Mathematics building.

Boy: I am going to drop Chinese.

Girl: Why?

Boy: Because I spend the whole class staring at you and can’t focus.

Girl: That’s not my fault!

Chinese via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. FAIL  

    i..;;;......can't....compute....this fail........

    However, this those prove Fall's Rule

    LIMIT CU_boy->Female f(awkwardness) = infinity

  2. Anonymous  

    what a great pickup line?

  3. Van Owen

    Asians are adorable little people.

  4. Chih-ping Sobelman

    well they can have the chinese characters written on her face so that he memorize them.

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