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Update, 3:15 pm: Columbia just beat Marist 10-9. Roar, lion, roar.

football YEAH

We hear this is called a "tailgate"

Your CU Lions have their opening game today against Marist at 12:30 PM!  Make the trek out to Baker Field (map) with free shuttles from 116th and Broadway starting at 11 am.  Once you get there, enjoy free t-shirts for the first 500 students, free beverages in the pre-game picnic area, and free admissions to the game itself with your CUID.  So come out, support your team, make some noise, and keep laundry at bay for one day more.  Here’s to hoping the team beats last year’s record!


Real sports fans via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. You know what's more exciting  

    Mechanics homework. Sorry CU lions, but no.

  2. Anonymous  

    lol. enjoy, cc '16ers who go to this. it's an innocent, wonderful time when you go to football games

  3. Van Owen

    CU football is gay.

  4. Anonymous  

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. Columbia won a FOOTBALL game?

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