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Don't end up like him. Clean, sober fun!

Too broke responsible to party on the weekends? Waiting for your fake ID Want to take advantage of campus and New York City? Bwog’s here to help with some ideas for a cheap and sober weekend.

Campus Scavenger Hunt

Here are the rules: gather up a group of friends and bring a piece of paper for keeping score. The losers have to buy the winner a slice of Koronet’s or a Joe latte. (If you don’t have any friends, just buy yourself something for getting a lot of points. Or spend time finding friends instead of going on a scavenger hunt.)

Things to find:

  • someone reading for Lit Hum (5 points)
  • someone reading for CC (5 points)
  • overhear casual reference to a Latin class/phrase (5 points)
  • spend five minutes counting foreign languages (1 point per language)
  • identify swear words spoken in foreign languages (10 points)
  • count three people wearing bookstore sweatpants (5 points, bonus points for making scathing comments about their attire)
  • find people wearing athletic wear (1 point for one item of athletic wear, 5 points if they’re only wearing athletic wear)
  • count four tee shirts from different colleges (5 points)
  • find more than ten people with non-smartphones (10 points)
  • find three pairs of TOMS in five minutes (5 points, bonus points if TOMS matched rest of outfit)
  • PrezBo (100 points)
  • group of high school students on a tour (5 points, 20 for effective heckling)
  • hear the phrase “when I studied/was/lived abroad” (2 points)
  • overhear discussion of SAT/AP/ACT scores (first year dorms/classes only, 5 points)
  • someone on a walk of shame (10 points)
  • someone legitimately referring to this school as “Columbia University in the City of New York” (5 points)
  • witness un-ironic displays school spirit (20 points)
  • someone getting CAVA’d for drinking, before midnight (5 points if in front of Carman, 10 if anywhere else)
  • someone using an incorrect acronym for a CU building/class (5 points/acronym)

Photo Safari

You could do this on campus or in New York, and there are a couple of ways to play. The first way is to pick a theme (by picking a random adjective out of a book, for example—could be a good way to re-use those Lit Hum and CC books!) and try to take 10 to 25 decent pictures of that theme. For example, if the theme is “orange,” you could head to the Diana at Barnard, or find the Korilla truck. Another way is to walk around campus and take pictures of the various people you see, such as Artsy NYU-looking Student, or Boy Who Thinks He’s Don Draper, or Obviously Frazzled Professor With Beard.

Actually Get Off Campus

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we actually live in New York (unless you’re in the class of 2016 or have recently lost your ID, because Columbia needed to clarify its location), which is full of expensive cool things to do but also full of free cool things to do. Always wanted to walk from campus to Battery Park? Find a friend and do it. It’s about 8 miles, full of entertaining sights depending on when you decide to go (this writer went between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m., wearing TOMS, which is decidedly not a good idea), and a good way to slim down before those CrackDel sandwiches catch up with you. Like art? Your ID gets you in to 34 museums for free, including MoMA and the Met.


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  1. Anonymous  

    battery park is 8 miles not 18 miles.

  2. Also  

    Your ID does not get you into MoMA for free.

  3. John  (Bwog Staff)  

    Good catch on battery park, fixed.

    CUID does get you into MoMA for free, but you need a validation sticker from Kent.

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