Bwoglines: Shock Edition

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Shocking art

The ubiquity of nudity¬†(and more nudity) and obscenities in today’s society has led many to wonder if the art world can shock us anymore. (Gawker, CNN, NYT)

To launch her new fragrance, FAME, Lady Gaga threw a promotional party at the Guggenheim Museum where mask-sporting attendees could watch her catch some highly premeditated z’s inside of a giant perfume bottle. (Refinery29)

New scientific evidence shows that Kevin Bacon may be more relevant than previously thought. (Oracle of bacon, Buzzfeed)

The Karolinska Institute’s Doctor Paolo Macchiarini, the ultimate “body builder,”¬†innovates regenerative medicine by actually constructing organs using the body’s own cells and plastic. (Wikia, NYT)

Reaction when upperclassmen find out John Jay has Wi-Fi now via Wikimedia Commons.

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