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When we found out that Barnard student Marlena Holter is a competitive synchronized ice skater (a sport that we over at Bwog just recently learned is, in fact, a thing), we knew an interview was needed. Because we are so intrigued by her balance and grace, we sent Bwog’s Winter Activities Correspondent, Kyra Bloom, to investigate.

Bwog: When did you know you wanted to be a professional synchronized ice skater?

Marlena: I was 12 and I was at a rink with Sasha Cohen (an Olympian).  My coach had asked me to show her a turn, and it made me think that I could be better than her.  She’s still the best.

Bwog: Have you ever used your skate as a weapon?

Marlena: No… but we threaten each other with it….

Bwog: Have you ever hijacked a Zamboni machine?

Marlena: I’ve ridden one.  Once, we had a really bad practice and decided that if we cut the ice (what the Zamboni does) it would give us a longer break.  We often friend the Zamboni guys on Facebook and try to get them to give us longer ice cuts.

Bwog: How accurate is Blades of Glory?

Marlena: Super irrelevant, and nothing like real skating.  And no, I’ve never done an “Iron Lotus.”

Bwog: How many sequins are too many sequins?

Marlena: Last year, my dress had 3,432.  I only know this because we pay by the crystal.  It weighed three pounds.

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  1. Hey, isn't...

    Sasha Cohen in GS?

  2. Anonymous  

    There's also a former competitive ice dancer/ Miss Anerica contestant in the medschool, but I guess we don't care about grad students.

  3. ZOMG  


  4. Anonymous  

    i wish robot boxing was a thing.

  5. 90s baby  

    this is awesome. good for her.

    but judging from the title, I thought this was going to be about someone at Columbia who competed on nickelodeon's Figure it Out when they were younger...anyone else? #90skid

  6. Anonymous  

    sort of wish this interview, you know, actually told me about her and her skating career. GOOD JOB BWOG.

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