1. Anonymous  

    hes a very gentle, gentle man

  2. Anonymous  

    "If this gentleman?" WTF?

    How about, "if this thieving piece of shit is seen on campus, King Bollinger will award THIRTY PIECES OF GOLD to whoever places his scalp upon the lap of our beloved Alma Mater?"

    Sorry, that should have been more elegantly stated.

  3. Anonymous

    Columbia needs to kick non students off campus.

    • I disagree!  

      Seeing children playing on campus is genuinely heart warming. Plus it would be absolutely obnoxious to the surrounding community to not be able to walk through College Walk.
      And can you imagine if you had to present your ID at the gates all the time? What a pain!

  4. Is anyone else wondering  

    what a PNG is?

  5. GS

    Oh I see, looting the coffers of GS's ever-so-large endowment and scholarship fund. This guy picked the right school/ building!

  6. Perhaps...  

    We should have card access for all buildings at the doors, not a desk per se, but a self-service system much like what you have on the Broadway side of Lerner. They have a similar system at Yale and I hear it works well there. No need to throw people off campus to keep them out of the buildings.

    • i heard  

      that Columbia actually can't enforce CUIDs in any of the academic buildings. part of our deal to get college walk closed off, have campus registered as a public park (or whatever it is), and get more power in the public sphere in general is that we, as a university existing for the public good, must allow anyone (from the public) to attend lectures. i don't actually know if this is true though; i just heard it somewhere. can anyone confirm?

  7. Outraged Lion

    yes, gentleman is weird. Is this another student/imposter?

    I think there are a few more student/imposters on campus, at least there were when I was there.

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