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What your future could look like if you let it

The good people of 7-Eleven have decided to open a fourth location on the Upper West Side, and this one is actually relevant to us!

The newest branch will open at 106th and Broadway in January, according to West Side Rag. This is great news, for many serious and important reasons (see: slurpees).

If you’re still not convinced that this is exciting, here’s a comprehensive list of things that make the trek to 106th and Broadway worth it:

  1. That thing where you layer the Coke flavor and Cherry flavor and make a Cherry Coke Slurpee
  2. Slurpees in general
  3. They have a dedicated “As Seen On TV” section, but also snacks
  4. They have everything
  5. 7-Eleven is the best
All this could be yours one day (January) via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    Wawa would be better

  2. Anonymous  

    YES!! Now I can get giant sodas even after Mayor Nanny-State bans it!

  3. Anonymous  

    IS IT 24 HOURS?

  4. BloomTurd

    You can also get 32 oz soft drinks.

  5. Wawa is  

    Way to overrated. Let's go 7 Eleven!

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