Bwoglines: Learning Lessons Edition

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Aung San Suu Kyi sometimes sets off metal detectors too. With her balls of steel.

Arctic ice shrunk a record 18 percent this year, to the shock and distress of the scientific and environmental community. The fall is said to be unprecedented and the clearest sign yet of climate change. (The Guardian)

It looks like Samsung finds the iPhone 5  to violate just as many of their patents as its predecessors. The iPhone 5 will be fuel to the fire of Samsung and Apple’s legal battle over intellectual property. (CNET)

Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the opposition party in the newly reformed Burmese Parliament, received a Congressional Gold Medal in Washington, where Hilary Clinton told the assembled crowd that Burmese politicians had tried to learn democracy from old episodes of The West Wing. (Gawker)

Want another reason to not smoke? A new study conducted on behalf of New York state’s health department shows that poor smokers in New York state spend on average a quarter of their entire income on cigarettes. (Reuters)

A Columbia graduate who is an ex-basketball star and lawyer is suing New York City because his defibrillator went haywire when he was forced through a metal detector at a courthouse. Why was he at the courthouse? Answering a summons for disorderly conduct from the last time he went through a metal detector. (NY Daily News)

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  1. Anonymous  

    WLF registration day, 10 AM = website down. I say this every year, Columbia - get your shit together!

  2. Anonymous  

    In that article about the guy who went through a metal detector with a defibrillator, a spokesperson for the city said that the city intends to fight this case and win. WTF? It clearly wasn't the guys fault, he told the guards that he couldn't go through the metal detector, and they forced him through. I don't see what the city thinks they can fight here.

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