Free Ice Cream, Free Pizza, Free… Xbox?

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This well fed person with an Xbox could be you!

Today’s latest in free food is brought to you by Peace by PEACE and  Columbia’s IEEE Chapter.

At 8pm in the Diana LL103, Peace by PEACE‘s info sessions enticingly promise “FREE ICE CREAM (LIKE LOTSS) AND YUMMY TOPPINGS! AND SO MANY SPRINKLES!!” You can learn how to teach conflict resolution to elementary school kids while eating FREE ICE CREAM!

Also, Columbia’s IEEE Chapter is hosting a group of Microsoft speakers to talk about the work and innovation done at Microsoft from 7-9pm in Davis Auditorium (in CEPSR – the building between Mudd and Pupin). Free pizza and drinks will be provided to all attendees. Additionally, any student who brings their resume to the event will be entered into a raffle for a free Xbox, games, and other prizes.

Lucky Xb0x owner via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    only engineers would think to offer an xbox

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