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Bwog was created in 2006 to give students a groundbreaking platform for learning about and communicating with their peers and the community at large. In the six years since, our readership and staff have steadily grown—but to this day, that dedication to our founding purpose has remain unchanged. From innovative and informational coverage of events such as Housing Selection and campus controversies to incisive engagement with all aspects of student life such as the food we eat, the shows we watch, and the shit we say, Bwog has provided the best online outlet for the Columbia community. Nothing else comes close.

But today, the staff is proud to announce that Bwog is about to get even better. Introducing, Bwog 3.0

We’ve been working with the best designers, the best engineers, and the best College students to construct an entirely new website. We’re fairly confident that this is the best Bwog ever. We’ve revolutionized content management—making it easier than ever to find the helpful information you need. Bwog 3.0 has an incredible, new Events calendar that will bridge gaps in the community like never before. It will change the way that you plan your day. All of this, and we’ve made Bwog 3x faster with even greater stability. Game changing.

Oh, and one more thing

Bwog 3.0 launches tonight. If you are reading this right now, it means that old Bwog is functionally dead, and all the information (the soul, really) of Bwog is being transferred to the new host. Bwog 3.0 will become variably available to viewers starting around 8 pm EST. Unfortunately, any comments made on old Bwog will not be transferred to the new website for highly technical reasons. So if you ever wanted to call anyone a cumdumpster, now is your chance.

In the mean time, feel free to anxiously tweet things @Bwog until the new site is up.


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  1. Anonymous  

    but... I like the dark color scheme

  2. Wait

    Why does it say my comment is "awaiting moderation?" Anyway I like the redesign. Are you guys individually approving comments now? That will be interesting.

  3. CC-Alum

    Bwog suddenly looks professional - yet I liked the old design... somewhat nostalgic.

  4. Anonymous

    old design felt like home. this feels like office

  5. Anonymous  

    This new design is really stiff. I feel like I'm reading a serious online newspaper. This site doesn't look fun anymore. Hopefully the entries will still be at least. The white makes my eyes hurt though.

  6. zhb

    The original 2006 design was best.

  7. The Dark Hand  


  8. Anonymous  

    This shit is ugly. And why is there a purple box around the header??

  9. Anonymous  

    I hate this so much!

  10. Anonymouse

    Paradigm-shifting synergy

  11. Anonymous  


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