A Note To Readers

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Dear Bwog Readers,

It’s with the heaviest of hearts (and a couple of other surprisingly apt cliches) that I’ve decided to retire from the Editor position a bit earlier than planned. This decision is the result of unexpected circumstances that, for the time being, require more of my attention and effort than I’d ever want to take away from Bwog. I plan to remain an avid contributor and dedicated staff member. The current editorial board, consisting of Alex Jones, Brian Wagner, and Peter Sterne, will remain intact until the next Bwog Editor is chosen.

There isn’t enough space on the internet to hold all of the thanks I’d like to give you for providing both a constant reminder of why Bwog was born six years ago, and a constant challenge to uphold the tenets of candid discourse, shrewdly selected coverage, and obscure 90s references on which it was founded. I’m truly sad to take a step back, but I have no doubt that Bwog’s virtual pages will remain rife with outlandish puns, phallic innuendos, and the incredible creativity and passion of the writers with whom I’ve been lucky enough to work.



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