Bwoglines: Bad Decisions Edition

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I don’t always commit incest, but when I do, I go all the way

A Dutch girl’s decision to send birthday party invites via Facebook quickly turns awry as she neglected to change the privacy settings to, well, private. Hilarity and lawlessness ensues as over 30,000 partygoers show up. (CBS News)

Apple decides to oust Google’s presence on their baby by creating the Apple Maps app to replace Google Maps. The result? Unfortunate fanboys early adopters are finding themselves fishing for compliments after being shown that some supermarkets are in the East River. (CNN)

David Villalobos puts in his bid for the Darwin Awards as he leapt into the tiger enclosure from the Wild Asia monorail at the Bronx Zoo. The Siberian tiger returned his love and Villalobos escaped with broken bones, puncture wounds, and a story to add to his Facebook page. (New York Times)

Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, famous for “Free Bird” and “Sweet Home Alabama”, decided, 147 years too late, to stop using the Confederate flag because of its “racist undertones.” Vitriolic fans proceed to boycott their now-PC concert and album. (Examiner)

An Ohio resident puts textbook psychology to the test as she reveals that she inadvertently married her father. Apparently, her father/husband impregnated her mother when he was 15 and ran off, never to be talked about again. Bwog thinks the almost-16 year age gap should have been a dead giveaway. (CNN)

LitHum in real life via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    none of these bad decisions compare to this terrible redesign of bwog. Here is Dr. Jack Shephard's advice on whether to go back to the old design:

  2. "--All You Zombies--"  

    by Heinlein anyone? All cred to Achille for passing that gem of mind-fuckery on to his Metaphysics class last spring.

  3. Optional

    BWOG's worst decision - White background.

  4. [...] new survey has concluded that the Apple Maps issue had no effect on sales of the iPhone 5, contrary to analyst predictions. Bwog would like to infer [...]

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