Bwoglines: Food Edition

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It was a delicious snack that reunited these twins separated at birth.

Adding to the recent medical breakthrough brought about by arguably the greatest mind of our generation that “your love” is a drug, research finds that certain foods mimic drugs in their effect on the pleasure centers in the human brain. (Wikimedia, New York Times)

Even when you’re full, there’s always room for some cake. (Buzzfeed, Photobucket)

Are you and your partner expecting? Hide the food baby with these awesome sweaters. (Columbia, Nymag)

Sorry Hallie and Annie but it looks like no more Oreos and peanut butter for the two of you. (Wikihow, Huffington Post)

Why didn’t they just hire actual twins instead of digitally making two Lindsey Lohans via Wikimedia Commons

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