Bwoglines: Armageddon Edition

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How past generations had imagined the end of bacon.

Possibly the worst news in human history was released yesterday. This is a time to reflect and stick together through the difficult days ahead. May we all join hands and get through this as a united community. (The Huffington Post)

LMFAO has announced that they are taking a break next year. This means we’ll have to survive for a while without new wonderfully catchy and inventive hits like “I’m in Miami, Bitch” and “Sexy and I Know It.” How will we survive? (Entertainment Weekly)

Massive panic occurs because of private messages supposedly appearing publicly on Facebook. This was later proven wrong, since the “messages” were actually just old wall posts. Our Facebook etiquette has apparently changed so drastically that we can’t even recognize wall posts from three years ago. (TechCrunch)

Good guy teacher gets fired for refusing to make his students buy expensive textbooks. Now that’s just mean. (TakePart)

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  2. i like reddit too  

    it's weird that all of these links happened to be on the front page of reddit too

  3. mindreader  

    This is poorly written, Bwog. Reread your second blurb. It's repetitive.

  4. Anonymous  

    The sooner we stop pretending that for-profit Art Institutes are schools, the sooner we can get their poor victims to go to a legit cheaper community college.

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