Live at Lerner This Week

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Two cool events are coming to Lerner in the very near future:

  • Today from 12-1PM: Anthony da Costa is playing the third Sounds event today. Da Costa’s music (and sideburns) are definitely worth checking out. An Italian lunch, including ziti, salad, bread, and cookies will be served.
  • Tomorrow at 8 PM: Chicago’s big comedy group The Second City is performing at the Roone Arledge auditorium. Tickets are free at the ticket office.

Anthony da Costa – “Learning to Say No” from Anthony da Costa on Vimeo.

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  1. Temporal dissonance  


    is it "today from 12-1PM," "the third Sounds event tomorrow," some other time in "the very near future" or some combination of these?

  2. Anonymous

    Is it true they are opening a pub in Lerner?

  3. Anonymous  

    AHH I saw Anthony play this at Postcrypt like 2 years ago and bought both CDs because I wanted this song so badly and it wasn't on either one of them. I am so happy that you posted this, I've been looking for this song for soo long. Thanks Bwog! (and thanks Anthony for being great)

  4. Anonymous  

    He sounds awesome!!! I want to go! Stupid class.

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