Bwoglines: Alone and Together Edition

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3 horns don't play with long necks!

Majestic, yes, but probably not the best pet

Users in the U.S. can now promote Facebook posts for a mere $ 6.30. Never again can any of us escape the shame of ignoring a friend’s fundraising event. (TechCrunch)

A potential new adorable friend  has been discovered by a paleontologist at the University Chicago. Pegomastax africanus was the size of a cat and apparently would have made a lovable pet. (National Geographic)

Back in the day, there was none of this simple “unfriending” at the click of a button. We did it the real way, with harsh words and taking nail scissors to photos. (NY Times)

South Korean officials are taking a new tactic to reduce the alarmingly high suicide rate in Seoul. A series of messages chosen by psychiatrists and comforting statues have been installed at the Mapo Bridge in Seoul.(Montreal Gazette)

Alright, who or what the heck are those black spidery things on Mars? (NPR)

Fabulous rainbow triceratops via Wikimedia Commons


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    Facebook makes you dumb and fat and rude.

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