Bwoglines: Calculations Edition

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As tensions between Turkey and Syria escalate, and nothing seems to help, Syria has decided the solution is to bomb its own rebels. (BBC)

The unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8%, its lowest level in three and a half years, but predictably, small business owners still think the economy is about to fall off a cliff. (Wall Street Journal, Reuters)

After a mere 17 days, Mitt Romney has finally retracted his “47 percent” comments, confirming the theory that he greatly prefers to do things at awkward times. (Huff Post)

Finally, some of our fellow Ivy League institutions have finally realized it doesn’t pay to hire famous people as their presidents, since they usually end up leaving on quests of self-discovery within a few years. (Bloomberg)

A Cool-Looking Thing We Don’t Understand via Wikimedia Commons.

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