Package Center Woes? Try Amazon Lockers!

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Amazon rolled out their version of PO boxes in New York City almost a year ago. Bwog’s very own vivacious voyager, John Hu, victimized by lost packages and long lines, decided to venture out and verify this well-kept secret.

Before you go off and order that giant teddy bear Lit Hum book, you’ll need to add the closest Amazon Locker to your address book. Search here and choose the Amazon Locker at Rite Aid (Second choice). The Locker is physically at the back of the store. Remember, Rite Aid is always open and and is right across from Westside, so pick up your packages along with your groceries.

Whenever you make a purchase on Amazon, choose the Locker at the shipping screen rather than your Columbia address. You will receive an E-Mail with a code to open the locker shortly after your order. Bon voyage!

Important to note: you cannot ship large packages and perishable foods to your locker. See shipping restrictions here.

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    Did they pay you to write this?

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    you can't get most textbooks shipped there because it would fill up way too quickly.

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