Bwoglines: Hidden Danger Edition

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The Taliban recently sent out a hit squad, but instead of their usual targets, they were after a fourteen year old girl. (Reuters)

Lance Armstrong is not out of trouble, as testimony claiming he used steroids is now coming from an unexpected contingent – his former teammates. (CSM)

Just when you thought eating cereal was a completely risk-free activity, it turns out that millions of boxes may be contaminated with chunks of metal. (Huff Post)

Joe Biden seemed to emerge as the winner of last night’s debate, but of course still gave us plenty of things to laugh (and wince) at. (LA Times)

The Defense Secretary claimed yesterday that the U.S. would soon face a “cyber-Pearl Harbor.” No, he wasn’t talking about robots – apparently, the enemy will soon have the ability to infiltrate our internets. (NYT Blog)

Finally, dogs everywhere apparently need to stay away from Kathie Lee Gifford, who dropped a puppy on The Today Show and then claimed it was because the creature in question smelled bad. (Huff Post)

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