Bwoglines: The End is Nigh Edition

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What is Halloween without Disney Channel’s annual airing of Hocus Pocus?

Signs that the world is coming to an end:

Things are looking grim for all you fans of sport. Derek Jeter fractures his left ankle after diving for a groundball and is out for the season.  Things are looking grim for everyone else who has to hear about this for the rest of the week. (NYT)

Disney channel will not be airing Hocus Pocus in the days leading up to Halloween.  Fortunately, you can still get it on VHS. (Disney Channel, Buzzfeed, Amazon)

Lindsay Lohan says that Romney has her vote because “I just think employment is really important right now.” (Dailyfill, Huffington Post)

Columbia comes in at number three on Campus Grotto’s list of most expensive colleges. Less a sign of the apocalypse than it is a reminder of how much debt we’ll all be in when we graduate. (USAtoday)

All four Halloweentowns pale in comparison via Wikimedia Commons 


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  1. fyi  

    abc family is showing hocus pocus like 10 times in their halloween programming.

  2. GS '14

    At least they still play the Halloweentown movies. Under Wraps, Phantom of Megaplex, and Don’t Look Under the Bed are all classics as well.

  3. Anonymous  

    According to the link you posted, columbia is actually fourth...

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