A Cold War in the Cloud

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Bwog gets mad rustled by Internet-based competitions with other elite schools. Judging by the deluge of tips we received, Dropbox announced today the “Great Space Race!” which pits universities against each other to see who wins a treasure trove of gigabytes in the sky. Just by signing up, you get 3 GB free, and if we win the race, then every Columbian gets 25 GB for two years.


(Columbia is currently no where near the top ten.)

contest logo via Dropbox

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  1. it's probably a bad idea keep your porn on a web service where they can track everything you've been doing/storing.

  2. didn't think this was important  

    until i realized it was adding that space to your CURRENT dropbox, not making you switch to a new one.

    GET OFF YOUR ASSES, PEOPLE! (or actually i guess you can do this sitting on your asses so keep it up)

  3. Anonymous  

    I wonder if Barnard girls who have both @columbia and @barnard emails can verify twice. Someone try!

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